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Fortune Panda

This exciting game is full of icons that represent the key aspects of traditional Chinese culture and panda life, and is a great way to immerse you in this iconic biological environment. In the natural habitat of Chinese pandas - the background of the bamboo forest, the five reel slots provide 50 fixed paylines, and there are many opportunities to prove how lucky the pandas are. These symbols are divided into classic and panda-specific standard numbers, from 9 to Ace, and the designer's iconic jewels and crowns are printed on the card. Chinese icons, including arowana, lotus, frog, crane and some bamboo, are beautifully painted and very realistic.

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Fong Shen

Fong shen 15 reel 9 line game is a gambling game that creates gambling for gambling. Players can choose different bets on different lines. In addition to the main game, there are some bonus games, including "Double up Game" and some free games.

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Forest Dance

Welcome to the fabulous magical world of forest dance free casino games! This forest is full of wonders, mysteries and surprises for every award!

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Five Dragons

5 Dragons Slots is the classic media difference Aristocrat slot game, redesigned by NextGen Gaming for online gaming. In terms of volatility, the original math is the same, but the online version has a return between 97% and 97%. The reason for having a range of RTP percentages depends on the player's choice. Players can activate multiple reels to increase the percentage of payment and activate up to 243 winning styles. Any three or more coin symbols scattered from left to right win free games. When this happens, you will choose how you want to cost the game. Choose 25 free games and use White Dragon as a substitute. These games will be paid in 2x, 3x or 5x multipliers.

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Fortune Fest

"Fortune Fest" is very intuitive for slot machine games, only a few steps between you, potential big winners. The game consists of 10 fixed paylines, spanning 5 reels. All combinations of symbols that happen to fall on any of these paylines will trigger a specific cash reward. The (+) and (-) buttons below the reel are used to help you place a specific bet on the next rotation, which is the only step you must take before setting the reel to motion. Players must always keep in mind that all rewards in the Fortune Day are calculated based on the combination displayed on the screen and the amount you are currently on the desktop. If you want to increase your chances of winning a grand prize, you must add some extra points. Autoplay mode is also available for you to use; use the switch at the top of the game screen to open it and let the reels follow their route.

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Fame & Fortune

Three different wild symbols give the game a rich view. A glamorous girl, in her glory, helps you create a winning payline. As a petite woman, this girl only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. She replaces all symbols except the scattered and double normal bonuses! Get the fame symbol on reel 1 and the wealth symbol on reel 5, and the richer days won't be too far. This started with 10 free spins. In the first five times, all prizes were doubled, and in the second five times, all prizes were multiplied by 3. Not only that, but the three diamonds on the payline can also give you 10 free spins.

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