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Most people think that Zeus is a powerful Greek god. He hits his enemies with lightning, but in the Zeus D'Mighty video slot of Live22, he is a cartoon character, not watching all threats, especially When the smiling Pegasus Pegasus put him on the reel. Greek mythology has always been a hot topic for online casino game developers, and this 5-volume 50 payline slot machine is interesting for this topic.

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The Mythical Unicorn

Beautiful forest fairies, bright flowers and magic horses are the theme of Live22's mythical unicorn video slot. It's all set in a magical forest, it looks like it's coming directly from Avatar movies, and there are some big bonus features like extended wild symbols, free spins and jackpots claiming you spin the 5 reels of this online slot machine.

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On the five reels of Live22's Wilds of Africa video slot, the leopard-spotted playing card symbols and the unique images of elephants, giraffes and zebras are put together. Those reels are crossed by 50 paylines, and the lining example of the same symbol on the adjacent reels on the left creates a standard winning combination that is also full of rewards.

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Precious jewels, crystals and minerals are waiting to be dug in Varna's Treasure Video Slot, or at least a large number of coin rewards when these symbols are placed on 5 reels and 20 paylines. This is a fun, cartoon-style online casino slot machine from Live22 that has many features, such as a level 4 jackpot round, plus wild symbols and a richer free spin game, which many Malaysian developers like to include. game. top games.

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The TAJ Majestic

The beautifully designed Golden Tiger, Peacock, Landmark and Indian women's symbols decorate the Live22 Majestic Taj video slot. This is a 5-axis game, these colorful symbols appear on the reels, arranged in 243 ways to win the winning combination, including a series of rewards such as wild substitution, free spins and 4 levels of jackpots.

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Hao Mulan is a legend in Chinese history. He took over the army and refused any rewards. He fought for 12 years before returning to her hometown. Malaysian online casino game developer live22 has released the Mulan video slot to websites around the world, and it will certainly be as popular as many other Chinese samurai theme slots, such as the 3 countries, the Battle of Chibi, from practical games, and Ans Worth's Ming Warrior slot machine.

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