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Dragon Tiger(Green)

Dragon Tiger uses 52 standard English decks. Without jokes or wild cards, the game usually comes from a blackjack shoe with six or eight decks. Unlike most casino games, Dragon Tiger players won't play against dealers. On the contrary, like baccarat, the purpose of the game is to choose which hand to choose correctly, whether it is a dragon or a tiger, you will get the highest card. Unlike baccarat, players or bankers can use extra cards, and Dragon and Tiger are actually closer to casino war games because only one card is a dragon card and then a tiger card. There are no extra cards.

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Dragon Gold

Basically this game is a 5-axis 25-line slot game. So you have a lot of opportunities to win big money. The minimum wage for this game is 1 coin. You can change the denomination of the coin as needed. The basic denomination of the game is 0.01 Euro. The maximum coin size is 1, and the minimum coin size is 1. The jackpot adds up to 40 points. This will bring you closer to winning the grand prize. It has decentralized, rewarding and wild features. You also get a free spin.

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Dragon Tiger(Blue)

The game represents a symbolic battle between the powerful forces of yin and yang. The tiger is yin, and the yang is the dragon. Dragon Tiger is very simple and fast. It's all about dealers turning two cards in the Tiger and Dragon fields and getting the highest card. There are also live dealer casinos where you can play Live Dragon Tiger in real time. The game is broadcast live from a land studio with amazingly realistic features.

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Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef is the classic online slot machine offered by NextGen Gaming software developers. The slot has five game reels, twenty paylines, field, scatter and auto play options. You can choose the number of paylines (20, 15, 10, 5, and 3 only) and the bet for each payline (from $0,01 to $5). If you want to play with the maximum bet, you must click the "Max" button.

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Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is the simplest card game in the casino. The dealer handed over two cards per game, one for the banker (dragon) and one for the player (tiger). Just bet the dragon or the tiger to get the highest card.

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The Dolphin slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines for your betting fun, and also allows you to adjust these lines and bets based on your mood (or your wallet). When it comes to bets, their prices range from 0.01 to 2.00 per second. Of course, the reels themselves are filled with a lot of marine life, including seahorses, rainbow fish, turtles, bats and dolphins. Most slot machine fans can win on the Dolphin Gold slot machine and get around 1,000 coins at any time. To do this, you need to get 5 bats using Wilds on the reels. I bet the students during the spring break want them to choose to take a dive. Rotate!

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