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Monkey King
The Monkeys Video Slot is a new 243 way to win slot games from Malta game maker Game Art. This modern online slot machine is another game in Game Art's various slot series, offering mobile-optimized games and the themes and rewards that most land-based machines offer. Like a large number of software providers, this mobile-friendly machine is designed for casinos in the East, but you can find it at many carriers with an international player base. Inspired by the legendary story of Tang Sanzang, Tang Sanzang is a fictional Buddhist monk of the 16th century Chinese epic "Journey to the West", based on real-life characters. In this book, Sanzang went to India with four animal disciples to return to some Buddhist scriptures. One of the disciples is the mythical immortal Sun Wukong, who has inspired many stories and works of art in Asian culture and this online slot machine game. In the King of Monkeys video slot, you'll see all five of these legendary heroes start an epic exploration on a sunny hillside to get a script instead of a slot coin.