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Queen Femida

The protagonist of the Queen Femida slot, the goddess of justice, enters the reel to guarantee a fair victory. The game was inspired by a prominent figure in Greek mythology, which has its own advantages in reel rotation. Any rotation can bring about a re-spin, up to 20 free spins, or any of the four progressive jackpots! Find everything about this version by text. Check out the casino's links and suggestions for more games inspired by ancient world myths and legends.

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POP Kittens

Take a bunch of big-eyed cats, give them names like Fluffy or Furball, throw some wool balls to have fun, what do you get? You get an addictive and lovely online slot, you just can't tear yourself off. Live22 will definitely be hit hard in its Pop Kittens video slot, and cat lovers can load these reels everywhere and fall in love immediately.

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