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We have already told you about the very popular Captain's Treasure Pro slot, do you remember? Anxious to find out where you started? That's where you need it. So, as you guessed we will tell you the predecessor of Playtech's game - the captain's treasure slot machine. At the right time, this game also caught the real players. This is not surprising. This slot is one of the simplest games in the field. It has 5 reels and only 9 paylines can win. However, it is still a winner and, more importantly, it offers a nice cash prize. The top prize of $25,000 is impressive, isn't it?

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Sometimes it is difficult to review the mobile slot. The reason is that we tried to play the mobile slot as if we had never seen it before - try to think of it as a brand new slot and make a small comparison with the online version. We've found some online boring slots that work amazingly on mobile devices and tablets, and vice versa. But sometimes you can't help but come to a pre-conceived mobile slot, usually these pre-concepts can lead to painful disappointment. I guess you know what we are going to say. We are happy to play Captain's Treasure slots on our mobile phones because we know that its free spin feature is especially fun on the web. In the online slot version, you can get extra scatter symbols during the free spin, and when hit, expand to cover the entire reel and get some great victories. In the mobile version, you still get extra scatter symbols... but that's it.

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