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Download XE88 For IOS and Android

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Download XE88  


Click here to Download for Android APK 


Click here to Download for IOS 


How to download XE88 in your IOS device? 

 1. First, explore searching "" website and enter it.



2. Find "Download XE88" in the sidebar manu or top section of menu.


3. Next, click the IOS icon to access the download key.


4. Wait for the installation is fully completed.

5. Press the cancel button if the pop-out show.


6. Further, go to the 'General' in the Setting mode.

7. Press the Device Management in General Section.

8. Choose the "Mirror Image Services Limited" enterprise as below.

9. Trust the developer.

10. Press the trust button again if the pop-out show out.

11. Your game now has been verified and can play as normal. 

12.  Start and hope you enjoy your game now!!!



🎉How can you contact us?
You can find us on Live Chat, Whatsapp, Telegram and Wechat. If you want any advice or help from us, you are also welcome. We are waiting for you to come to us.
* Support and guides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop, ready to serve all your lovely clients.*

🐱‍🚀What are the most recommended mini-games to play in XE88?
# 1 Three Kingdom
# 2 Fong Shen
# 3 soccer
# 4 Fortune Panda
# 5 gold coin

🎨Who can play this XE88?
All citizens aged 18 and over can play XE88, it is legally against the law. A minor person is disabled once we find out, we will take action on it.

📕How do you play XE88?
Players can choose to play on an Android or IOS device. If players use a PC, they can also play XE88. Just download "Noxplayer" as portal generated by Android system to support XE88. If you're using an Android device, make sure to turn on your Unknown Source selection. If you use an IOS device, get into device development and trust it. The download portal is listed below:

🎡What currency does XE88 support?
Malaysia Ringgit can be used on XE88. Local banking can be supported.