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Chao Ji 888

Although there are obvious similarities, no player can deny it, but the two are not the same in appearance. This means that players who enjoy Dragon Dragon can also appreciate the different qualities of Super 888; perhaps not a game wise, but definitely a graphic. This slot is no longer a strong color intrusion, but is more subtle, but still very much in line with traditional Asian images. In fact, it can be said that this particular title makes better use of the image than many of Playtech's other titles. Seeing that only 1 symbol can be found and 1 payline, what might Super 888 offer you? Ok, let's take a look!
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Age Of The God Furious 4

Age of the Gods Furious 4 is Playtech's jackpot slot game. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, it can play on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, from 20p to £500. As part of the collection of the gods of the era, it has the theme of ancient Greek mythology, with an aesthetic aesthetic. There are 4 gods in the game: Prometheus, Apollo, Pandora, Atlas. Each of them is represented by its own free-rotation feature (described below). Each has its own characteristics, and the game benefits from the Turbo mode in other Playtech games, allowing you to rotate these reels faster.
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Cash Blox

Cash Blox is a slot machine from Ash Gaming that is a bit like out of the box. That's because this slot machine replaced the classic arcade game of Tetris - if you have never heard of it, then you may have been living under the rock. Ash Gaming's "Slot Machine" game will give players a chance to regain all linear satisfaction while winning money and completing all the colorful blocks of the original Tetris game.
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Age Of God Fate Sister

The era of Gods Fate Sisters is powered by the Cents of the Gods series provided by Playtech. With the jackpot element, the game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and can be rotated from 25p. The theme is Greek mythology, which is based on fate (also known as Moirai). Destiny sisters, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, daughters of Erebus and Nyx - they decided the fate of every mortal, God and Titan. Clotho once weaved the line of destiny (beginning a lifetime), and Lachesis modified the thread (which determines the events in everyone's life). Atropos cuts threads and ends life.
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Bounty Of The Beans Talk

Beanstalk's bounty is a 5-axis 3D video slot with 4 lines of symbols on the screen that can play 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 active paylines. The user selects a line range from 0.1 to 10 Euros. Therefore, the highest possible bet is a rotation of 500 euros. Sadly, although the expenses are high, there is no chance to double in this game. The principle of paying for a combination in Beanstalk's Bounty will not surprise experienced players. The same elements, starting from the last reel on the left, should appear on the active payline. The most valuable combination is associated with the game's maximum spend. The odds are provided by the book and we have calculated the total amount. The maximum multiplier is 1,000x.
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5 Tiger General

The logo of the game is presented in red and mandarin, while the background is a grayscale collage of Chinese generals, flashing their swords means business. On the left side of the reel, you can see all five generals, along with the value of the jackpot assigned to each person. This value will increase as you raise the bet level. Turn it to the maximum, the orange general is worth 124 euros, the purple universal value is 280 euros, the blue universal price is 600 euros, the red universal value is 1000 euros, at the top of the pile, the green general is worth 2,000 euros. Set the bet value to the minimum and the value of the green general to 200 euros.
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